Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why Use Natural Products?

It's pretty obvious that we LOVE natural ingredients.
What might not be as obvious is why we love them so much. 

So let's break it down shall we? (are you nodding your head? Sweet!)

When you are choosing a product to use, (let's say body lotion in this case) you are likely choosing one that will restore your skins moisture right? After all that is the job of a lotion; to hydrate the skin. 
So you have two choices natural, or not so natural
Not so natural products, are full of chemicals. (eww) Why would a company try and sell you chemicals? Well it's simple really, chemicals can be cheap, (more money for them) chemicals can dilute a product (more money for them) and chemicals can "trick the skin" 
Whoa! Did she just say trick? (yep I sure did) You see a lot of chemicals out there will mimic nature in that your skin will think they are providing the nutrients and moisture that your skin needs, when in fact they are getting into your skin and drying you out. Actually causing you to need more lotion. It's genius right? Well for the company making the lotion it's genius (more money for them)
You know what sounds better?
Natural ingredients, that restore your natural moisture. Sure there may still be some mimicking going on, like when a natural oil mimics the bodies natural oils as a way to better hydrate the skin. However unlike a chemical that's just nature doing it's job. So let's all take the time to let nature do it's thing. Let it moisturize, heal and protect our skin.
In doing so you may just be helping nature out as well.

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