Sunday, November 13, 2011

Oily Hair?

Ok let's take a moment and talk hair. Say it with me now...
What do we want???
Shiny healthy hair!!
How do we get it?
{cricket cricket}
Oh you don't have an answer? Perhaps greasy oily hair is how you get your "shine" on.
Well let's change that!
Did you know that over washing your hair leads to oily hair?
That's right it is a vicious cycle...
Wash your hair because it it greasy when it is greasy because you wash your hair.
How do you stop this never ending cycle of hair torment?
Take control of your hair! Stop washing it. You don't have to stop showering to stop washing your hair.
You can get it wet, you can use conditioner even, just lay off the shampoo for a while.
If you shampoo every day currently
Start by washing only every other day
Yes you will say things like "my hair is too greasy I can't go on!"
But you can, and you will.
Then try once every 3 days. (crazy? no for real. Your hair will thank you)
That is really all it takes.
Another super tip (and a product plug cause that how we roll around here)
Use a shampoo bar!
Unlike most shampoos that have alcohols in them that strip your hair of natural oils and leave your scalp to over produce oils... another vicious cycle.
Shampoo bars don't have alcohols, only natural ingredients that feed your scalp, protect your hair and help keep the balance. Who wouldn't want balance?
So all together this time...
What do we want??
Shiny healthy hair!
How do we get it??
Use a shampoo bar! (and wash less often)

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