Monday, November 28, 2011

Natural Yogurt

Do you love yogurt? 
Yogurt is fresh delicious and creamy. The added bonus of the probiotics found within is amazing. What am I talking about? Live active cultures. You don't need a fancy kind of yogurt to have live active cultures, all yogurt has it and live active cultures help ensure a healthy body, especially if you ever experience tummy troubles.
You know what is a shame? Companies feel the need to add fillers and junk to their what would be a natural product. The good news is that making yogurt at home is really easy and affordable. SO you can have fresh natural yogurt high in calcium and full of those live active cultures.
I found this great tutorial
I thought it sounded easy enough, so I gave it a try.
Not only was it easy, (made easier with a laser thermometer), but it is delicious!
I used the heating pad method that they mentioned, so once it was cooked, it just needed to sit and incubate.
I used natural yogurt as my starter ( you need the yogurt so you can get the live active cultures) 
I also used whole milk in mine which gave it a great creamy texture.
I think it tastes great plain or I add honey or jam.
It makes the perfect breakfast with a bit of granola sprinkled in.

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