Monday, November 28, 2016

A Natural Way to Treat Pain and Discomfort

We at Sodee Naturals love to find ways to treat the daily trials in life naturally. I recently was told about a woman in my area that does Structural Therapeutic Integration or STI. What’s that you ask? I would like to introduce Colleen Gallman my Therapist where I live. Colleen has always been interested in ways to keep the body healthy with Yoga and eating healthy. She became a Structural Therapeutic Integration Therapist and has loved how it has helped others. This is how she explains it.
STI rehabilitates the conditions that produce pain and dysfunction in the body. This specialized therapy therapy are immediate. I know from my experience of going to her she has helped loosen many of the areas that were pulling on my joints causing pain. She is amazing at releasing trigger points that are setting off pain in my body.
She explains that is it can help with but is not limited to: Fibromyalgia * Migraines/headaches (this I can attest to) * Back * Neck * Shoulder or Hip Pain * TMJ Pain * Sciatica * Foot pain * SI Joint Pain
After a session you feel more relaxed and the feeling of discomfort or pain are alleviated or completely gone. Many clients say they feel freedom of better movement and that’s it easier to preform daily tasks. I realized after going a few times, that was exactly me. I could move without as much daily discomfort and had energy back to preform daily tasks. For many she says they have been able to decrease or eliminate their pain medication.
Pain is a signal from your body that something is not right. If you suffer from pain this may be an option for you. Colleen is located in Florida and would be happy to work with you if you are in the area. She can be reached at 352-409-0806.

Thanks Colleen for sharing your passion for natural health with us.

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