Tuesday, October 11, 2016

6 DIY Fall Nail Art Ideas
Amy the Esthetician

Nail art is kind of a big deal right now. If you need proof just google the latest New York Fashion Week and check out the runway models nails… Like I said, it’s pretty big and a fun way to show off some personality.  There are some crazy talented nail artists out there that can do anything from intricate floral detail to realistic Star Wars characters and everything in between. However, that’s not why we’re here. This post is all about do it yourself nail art. Specifically for fall, because well, it’s fall. Now before you roll your eyes and think there’s no way you can do this on yourself, just wait. I’ve listed the top 6 trendy nail art that look bomb but is really simple to do. I’ve explained the simple steps under each photo. Check it out!

Triangle Cutout

Take a basic nail color and make it work appropriate edgy!

It’s easier to accomplish this look by taking a small brush first and outlining the triangle at the base of the nail. Then use the normal polish brush to paint the rest of the nail. 

Reverse French Tip

I love this bold yet classy look and it's so easy to do!

Paint your base color on the whole nail. Next take your top color and start painting slightly above the cuticle so your base color peaks out.

Bold Lines

Trust me on this; You need to invest in a good matte top coat. Matte is so “in” right now and will be for a long time. What’s even more “in” is mixing matte with shiny.

Now listen closely. Paint your base color, put down your striping tape (what’s in the picture) or use a glittery polish. Top the whole nail with the matte top coat. Take your regular shiny top coat and only paint a thin line directly over the striping tape. Gorgeous, right?


You cannot tell me you haven’t noticed the marble trend. Nope, I wont believe you. Pair marble nail art with some neutral colors with a splash of glitter; OH MY, my heart's racing!!

First pick out some coordinating neutral colors. Next you’ll need a thin brush to do that marble lines. Don’t worry, the shakier your hands are the better. Marble’s imperfect lines are what makes it so beautiful.

Matte with Glitter

Here we go again with mixing matte and shiny. I told you I love it!

There’s not much to explain here other than the theme is fall. So I painted some gorgeous deep fall colors. Also, gold goes with everything.

Holiday Theme

This is where you can get all sorts of crazy with your designs.

Don’t freak out! This is easier than you think. Look at the art in layers. For the spider: draw the body first then the line/web coming from the top. Last the legs. For the web: draw 4 lines coming from the corner of the nail. Connect each of the lines with smaller swooping horizontal lines. I told you, easy!

Nail art does take practice but hopefully now you see that you can easily do some of the most trendy designs. Nothing beats looking FAB while saving some money! If you’re dying for more inspiration, check out my Instagram account @amytheesthetician. It’s been real you guys. Thanks for listening to me. 

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