Thursday, May 2, 2013

What's a Toner?

What is a toner anyway? A toner simply refers to a wash designed to cleanse the skin and shrink your pores. Facial toners should usually be step 2 in your skin care routine, after washing and cleansing to get rid of dirt and makeup. Toners work to remove skin cells on the surface, soap residue, and excess oil to help the skin look clear and bright.

Toners leave you with a brighter complexion overall and, of course, improve your skin's "tone"! They also help reduce the appearance of fine lines in some cases and restore the skin's natural pH balance. Most toners use a lot of water and alcohol to clear the skin of oils, however, drying out the skin causes even more breakouts- and who wants that?!

We at Sodee Naturals have formulated  a special toner using witch hazel and an array of essential oils that leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed, without the drying, acne-promoting effects of alcohol. Our toner is a must-have in every woman's facial regimen!!!

How to use toner- After washing your face with your favorite facial soap (may we reccomend our egg white salt soap?) dry your face thoroughly and apply toner with a cotton ball directly onto your face. Next, apply a facial moisturizer (again, may we recommend our face lotion? It comes in oily, normal, and 24 hour varieties...) and you're ready for the day!!



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