Tuesday, December 11, 2012


If you have experienced Eczema, then you know it is long-term skin disorder that causes itchy rashes and scaly red skin. It is often unsightly, and can drive a person to distraction. It often appears in young children who do not understand the concept of not scratching where it itches. It can bleed and be quite painful. It can be caused by many different sources from allergies, to cold dry air, to food you eat, or even from stress.  Whatever is causing it you want to be able to ease it symptoms.  There are many different options of what to do.

1. See if there is any cooralation between what you are eating and having a breakout, and try and avoid those foods. Often things like eggs with children.

2. Avoid fabrics or lotions that you find irritate your skin. Some find lanolin to be an irritant or wool, while many find our lotion with lanolin really helps moisturize the skin and works great.

3. Avoid strong chemicals or harsh soaps.

4. And probably the hardest of all, try not to become stressed or anxious.

Even with all these steps, many still struggle with this.  Doctors often recommend cortizone creams.

These can however cause the skin to thin and become frail or cause you to bruise more easily. Many people would love to have options that are more natural. That was the idea behind our all natural creams that were developed specifically to try and soothe skin suffering from eczema.  It is not a cure, it is just a way to keep the symptoms under control. We have four different kinds because we found that there was not a miracle cream that fit all people. Some as I mentioned have a sensitivity to lanolin, hence a lanolin free version, some itch more so we developed one to deal with their needs. We have sample packs for sale that come with a coupon to refund your purchase and shipping costs when you order a jar. We have been delighted to have many people let us know how well these products work for them.
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